Simply Meditation consists of a set of simple, easy-to-do techniques that will change your life in positive, life-affirming ways

More than a meditation, it gives you a set of life balance skills to more effectively manage the stress of daily life, enhance your relationships, increase work productivity and support your health and well-being.

Doing a 5 to 15 minute daily Simply Meditation practice will help you connect more deeply with yourself, others and the world around you, ultimately giving you a sense of fulfillment and inner satisfaction.

Only 5 to 15 minutes helps you

Calm your mind

Simply Meditation’s techniques are designed to quiet the endless activity of your mind which in turn relaxes your body. A calm mind improves concentration and creates inner peace. From there clarity arises improving decision making and enabling you to move forward in life.

Experience more love

By silencing the mind and moving more from your heart you will tap into the love that already exists inside of you. This love is the best guide to your ultimate happiness. By increasing compassion for yourself and others it creates more joy and positivity, even in the face of challenges.

Cultivate inner balance

The practice harmonizes the mind and the heart. It helps neutralize volatile emotions, reduce stress and support your health. It increases life-affirming thoughts and actions which helps to minimize conflicts and maximize positive relationships.

Simply Meditation is beneficial for everyone

Simply Meditation is a non-faith based, practical set of techniques which create tangible results in as little as 5 to 15 minutes a day. The program helps you establish a simple yet powerful daily practice which over time leads to more peace, balance and inner contentment. The benefits can be felt immediately and become cumulative and exponential over time.

What people say

‘Body and mind work together’

‘Right after my first Simply Meditation session, I slept a lot better than usual. I use the exercises to calm down and realized that it empowers me to work with more concentration and efficiently. Situations which in the past would have made me nervous, I now handle by the breathing in and out with a special mantra (repeated phrase) which helps me to relax more.’ – Ulrike, Germany

‘More love in my life’

‘Simply Meditation brings me deep inside my heart. It helped me discover the source of love inside myself; finding that love changed everything. Simply Meditation teaches me how to open my heart and let that love flow. It influenced my relationship with others and changed the way I feel and see the world. It is so soft, so kind and effective.’ – Mirjana – Split, Croatia

‘Easier relationships’

‘Since I started practicing Simply Meditation I am more calm. I don’t get upset so easily. I don’t have troubles sleeping anymore. It also helps me to calm headaches. The biggest privilege is that it only takes you 15 minutes a day. I’ve realized since practicing it is not just me having a better mood, but my partner and all the people I come in contact with as well.’ – Maja Ž.

’Genuine calm’

‘I liked the way we read about every exercise separately, tried it and then talked about it. I got all the knowledge I needed and I’ve been practicing Simply Meditation for a month-and-a-half now. I’m noticing I calm down sooner. Many times I can calm the mind and control my thoughts. It changed my ability to focus.’ –  Madhuri